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Day 1. Meeting with our representatives at “Zvartnots” Intl Airport. Lunch in the national tavern where you will taste the true Armenian alcoholic beverages. Transfer to the hotel. Support during check-in. Visiting Matenadaran where almost 17 thousand ancient manuscripts are kept. Visit to the Museum of Erebuni, one of the historical museums of Yerevan, next to the ruins of the Urartian fortress of Erebuni. Next trip is to wine and vodka, brandy factory “Noy” where you will taste wine and brandy of 1918 and 1924. Evening sightseeing tour by minivan and several stops for hiking: Cascade, the House of Opera and Bally, Swan Lake, monuments of H. Tumanyan, A. Spendaryan, A.  Babajanyan. Singing color Fountains at the Republic Square. Visiting Yerevan brewery “Kilikia” and tasting beer.

Day 2. Visit Yerevan Brandy Factory “Ararat”, tasting of cognac 5-, 10- and 15-years of exposure. Transfer to the city of Ejmiatsin - the spiritual capital of Armenia. Visit the Cathedral and the Museum Ejmiatsin. Excursion to wine and brandy factory “Map” with degustation. Lunch in national tavern. Trip to the village of Oshakan. There is a church named after Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of Armenian Alphabet, and a monument to the Alphabet. Excursion to Oshakan wine-distillery and tasting of wines of different varieties.

Day 3. Trip to the monastery-fortress of Khor Virap (XVII century). A spectacular view of Mount Ararat opens from there – the immortal symbol of Armenia. According to church tradition, St. Gregory the Illuminator – founder of Christianity in Armenia – was thrown into a deep well by the order of King Trdat III for 13 years. Today, the well is open for the public. Excursion to Noravank – XII century monastery. Sightseeing of Areni church and visiting Areni winery with degustation of excellent wines.

Day 4. Trip to the “Armenian pearl”, which is so marvelous at any season! Don’t miss your chance to visit Sevanavank monastery on the peninsula and to taste famous Armenian whitefish and trout right after in a cozy restaurant on the cost of Lake Sevan with tasting apricot and mulberry vodka! Excursion to Garni and Geghard – 2 monuments that are included in UNESCO Heritage list. Garni is the only “witness” of Hellenic Epoch of Armenia After numerous attacks of Romans the temple was reconstructed and dedicated to Mithra, the God of Sun, in 77AD. A grotto monastery Geghard is situated at the distance of 9 km from Garni. We know that even at the beginning of IVth century there was a cloister named Ayrivank (arm “cavy monastery”) due to its location in natural and artificial caves.

Day 5. Visiting “Vernissage” – an open-air fair-sales of Armenian craftsmen, where you will find a lot of souvenirs from wood, glass, metal, stone etc. It is recommended to visit the Central market to buy some fresh fruits and oriental sweets. Transfer to the airport 2 hours before departure. Farewells with our staff after getting memorable gifts from “Globe Travel”.