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Day 1. Meeting with our representatives at “Zvartnots” Intl Airport. Transfer to Tsaghkadzor en route a round-up excursion through Yerevan City with highly qualified guide. Lunch in the national tavern. You’ll be given an opportunity to taste famous Armenian wine and sweets. Check-in to “Tsaghkadzor Marriott 5*” Hotel. Rest.

Day 2. Excursion to Garni and Geghard – 2 monuments that are included in UNESCO Heritage list. Garni is the only “witness” of Hellenic Epoch of Armenia After numerous attacks of Romans the temple was reconstructed and dedicated to Mithra, the God of Sun, in 77AD. A grotto monastery Geghard is situated at the distance of 9 km from Garni. We know that even at the beginning of IVth century there was a cloister named Ayrivank (arm “cavy monastery”) due to its location in natural and artificial caves.

Day 3. Excursion to Ejmiatsin and Zvartnots – centuries-old monuments, members of UNESCO Heritage list. Visiting the churches of 3 Virgins: church of St.Hripsimeh (618), domical basilica of St.Gayaneh (630) and church of Shoghakat (1694). The Cathedral of Ejmiatsin is the official residence of Armenian Catholicos. Trip will continue up to Zvartnots - the temple of Vigil Forces (IX century).

Day 4-9. Free days. Here you can organize your time in the way you desire : ski and snowboard in the mountains, wind surf, make a snowman, play bowling, attend different parties in the club, drink hot chocolate in cozy cafes, and just enjoy an amazing atmosphere of winter holiday.

Day 10. Support during check-out. Trip to the “Armenian pearl”, which is so marvelous at any season! Don’t miss your chance to visit Sevanavank monastery on the peninsula and to taste famous Armenian trout right after in a cozy restaurant on the cost of Lake Sevan. Transfer to the airport. Farewells with our staff after getting memorable gifts from “Globe Travel”.